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Our goal at Ertl Lilly LLP is to help our clients achieve the best results in the most efficient and affordable manner. We pride ourselves on making real connections with our clients to help them feel comfortable throughout the entire litigation process. Read some of our testimonials from clients below.

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Bradford, ON
Program Administrator

“I wanted to Thank You for all of help, support and professionalism with my case. I never thought in a million years I would of been going through this situation but sometimes in life there is no exceptions, but I am glad that I had the best person and team alongside during this transition. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone that may ever need it. Thank you again for your help.”


Pickering, ON
Media Analyst

“Thank you so very much for all the work you have done and the so pleasing results. You made this your battle and you won! Thank you.

You have been excellent with us: clear, supportive and helpful, not to mention a determined and assertive desire to succeed.”


Brantford, ON
Manufacturing Operations Manager

“After 44 years of employment with the same company, my position was eliminated. In my opinion the package offered to me was not a fair settlement and not close to industry standards. Through a mutual friend’s advise, I contacted Rob. After an initial discussion with Rob by phone. He immediately put me at ease. He explained the game plan we were to follow and the probable outcome. His knowledge of the law and his ability to explain it to me in a way that I understood made me feel comfortable with the whole process. I was extremely pleased with the outcome…It was as he stated in our plan. He’s the fighter you want on your team !


Pickering, ON
Administration (Not-For-Profit)

“Professional, PROMPT, knowledgeable, and extremely accessible are the words I would use to describe my recent experience with Rob Lilly, partner at ERTL LILLY LLP. After a stressful time trying to determine whether or not to simply sign the termination agreement, I was lucky enough to stumble upon to help estimate what a fair offer should have been. After leaving my contact information on a Sunday afternoon, I heard back from Rob Lilly himself the very next morning and he was able to provide me with a consultation on the spot over the phone. From that moment on, Rob has been extremely accessible via phone and email with a response time within 24 hours, and worked with me in a very transparent and professional manner through each and every step of the process. The negotiation was handled swiftly and a settlement was reached well in advance of Rob’s estimated timeline. The service I received from the very onset was much better than any other firm I reached out to when trying to seek out a consultation and do my own due diligence. I am very thankful to have worked with Rob and I highly recommend Rob and ERTL LILLY for the best employment representation you can find!”


Oakville, ON, 59-years-old, President of Engineering Firm

“As president of a major firm, I engaged David services through a mutual acquaintance. He was able to find a loophole in the contract of employment that two other lawyers missed. It made all the difference. David was able to negotiate an outstanding severance package, including removal of onerous post-termination provisions. Thanks so much David.”


Oakville, ON, 37-years-old, Accounting

“After 14 years of employment I found myself unemployed. In my opinion the package offered to me was not a fair settlement. Rob’s personality immediately put me at ease. His knowledge of the law and his ability to explain it to me in a way that I understood made me feel comfortable with the whole process. I was extremely pleased with the outcome…It was above and beyond what I expected. He’s the fighter you want in your corner!”


Toronto, ON, 53-years-old, Vice-President, Insurance Industry

“David is an outstanding employment lawyer who provides practical advice and guidance to his clients. His ability to communicate legal matters, calmly and professionally during times of need is commendable and I absolutely recommend his services to anyone.”


Hamilton, ON, 55-years-old, Supervisor

“I was let go after 26 years of loyal service for my employer. I was offered a low-ball severance package based on the employment standards minimum entitlements. Rob tore through the termination clause in my employment agreement to get me 24 months’ notice instead of a mere 8 months first offered. He tripled my package, plus got the employer to pay my legal fees. Thanks again for everything, Rob.”


Brampton, ON, 58-years-old, Shipper/Supervisor, Electronics Warehousing

“As an older employee, I was devastated when my job was outsourced. The other side made me a lowball offer. In the end, David got me 22 months of severance. He knows his stuff and doesn’t back down. Thanks so much David.”


Peterborough, ON, 33-years-old, Design & Marketing

“My employer gave my job to someone else when I tried to come back from maternity. Rob was able to quickly turn a stressful situation into a relatively painless one. He handled everything for me and was quick to respond to all my questions. I genuinely felt taken care of and would recommend Rob to anyone who finds themselves in a labour dispute.”


Ottawa, ON, 42-years-old, Public Affairs Advisor

“My role of seven years was eliminated due to an organizational restructuring. Referred to David through a mutual contact, I was immediately set at ease during our first conversation and, through his skills, experience, and approach, he confidently guided me to achieve the optimal result for my situation.”


Mississauga, ON, 44-years-old, Telemarketing

“Within minutes of talking to him, I knew Rob was the lawyer for me. He understood I was under a lot of stress and immediately put me at ease with his ability to answer all of my questions and give me realistic advice. He told me exactly how much it was cost and how much long the process would take. He resolved my claim in less than one week by getting me far more severance than I even thought was possible.”


Ajax, ON, 59-years-old, Pharmaceutical Industry

“David uniquely understands the problems faced by older workers. His knowledge in this area is outstanding and it convinced the other side to settle quickly!”


Toronto, ON, 54-years-old, Project Manager, Information Technology

“I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone who finds themselves in need of a great employment lawyer. He’s a very smart and compassionate lawyer who really knows his way around the legal system, a great negotiator and someone you can count on to be there for you. He’s not only an outstanding lawyer, but an outstanding person as well!”


London, ON, 49-years-old, Transportation Executive

“After dedicating so much of my working life to my employer, I was blindsided when I was replaced by someone half my age. My employer gave me a low ball offer. David fought for me and got me 16 months’ severance!”


Sarnia, ON, 63- years-old, Surgeon

“I recently went through an unnecessarily prolong employment legal issue. On advice, I went to a litigator but after several years of little or no action and little contact I switched to Rob Lilly. Rob obtained a fair mediated settlement shortly after my first contact. Rob is very personable, extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, very well spoken and respected by other lawyers and mediators. He was always available either by phone or email and always explained my situation in terms that I could handle. Rob Lilly is definitely the person to hire for any employment legal issues.”


Markham, ON, 43-years-old, Marketing & “Rewards” Industry

“I lost my job after 8 years of service for a reason that I thought was un-fair. I hired David Ertl in hopes that I could get help. I never thought there was a lawyer out there that is so honest and supportive. As I went through the process he opened my eyes to see that not all lawyers make it about money; he cared. He gave great advice to bring my case to a quick and reasonable settlement. All lawyers should take a page out of your book when it comes to dealing with people.”


Toronto, ON, 64-years-old, CEO of Management Consulting Firm

“I was shocked to learn that my former partner had short changed me on a major project, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars that rightly belonged to me. As soon as I met Rob I was confident that he would save the day. His professionalism and knowledge of the law impressed me. Through aggressive litigation we were able to follow the trail, get a judgement in our favor and through mediation, agree a settlement. Despite this, the former partner kept delaying payment and then began to liquidate his personal holdings and flee the country. Rob had him served on a deserted beach in another country. How satisfying! Rob returned to the courts winning an order to seize assets and garnish funds. Our cash settlement was received 24 hours later. A have to say that despite the difficulties and delays we had to overcome, Rob moved like lightning at just the right times, his bill was very reasonable and the outcome was all I hoped for. Furthermore it was a pleasure working with Rob throughout the ordeal and I highly recommend Rob when you need legal expertise.”


Richmond Hill, ON, 54-years-old, Information Technology Management

“You can trust Mr. Ertl to go the extra mile on whatever he does… I was dismissed from my senior-level job in the IT industry after just 4 months. Mr. Ertl was able to negotiate a package for me that was far beyond what I expected, and without even having to commence a lawsuit.”


Ottawa, ON, 52-years-old, Assistant Director, Finance

“Throughout the entire legal process, Rob was always available to answer my questions and concerns, and often sacrificed his personal time to ensure that I had priority. He provided me with very thorough and regular updates, and he did so in a way that helped clarify the issues and processes while at the same time putting my mind at ease. I cannot emphasize how much that meant to me.”


Barrie, ON, 34-years-old, Account Executive, Advertising

“I am so glad that I chose David to represent me in my wrongful dismissal matter. He kept me well-informed along the way and managed to get me an excellent severance package. I hope that I won’t need another employer lawyer, but if I do, I would choose David without question.”


Uxbridge, ON, 54-years-old, Vice President, Energy Consulting Firm

“Suffice it to say, my case was definitely not an easy one to take on, yet Rob was able to obtain a settlement for me that more than exceeded my expectations. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome!”


Oakville, ON, 61-years-old, Legal Industry

“Thanks for all of your help David. I am very happy with the results of my case. It was clear to me that you were far more prepared than the other side when it came time to negotiate for a fair severance package!”


Orillia, 57-years-old, Department Manager

“I needed a lawyer for a wrongful dismissal case after 30 years of service. After consultations with two lawyers and not feeling good about either, I got a phone call from Rob Lilly. After talking to him for only a few minutes I knew he was what I needed. Rob walked me through the process and made me feel confident that I was going to get what I deserved. Rob kept me informed with all correspondence between him and the defendant. With his knowledge, professionalism, wit and desire, he got me the settlement that I was looking for at a very reasonable cost. If you need an employment lawyer, there in no better than Rob Lilly.”


Vaughan, ON, 43-years-old, Transportation Industry Professional

“I had filed a complaint against my employer for terminating me just after I announced my pregnancy. In response, my employer hired a high-priced firm to defend them. It appeared that my matter simply wasn’t moving forward, until I contacted David Ertl. David took hold of my matter and convinced the employer to settle. I could not have done it without him.”


Toronto, ON, 47-years-old, Warehouse Management

“My employer had fired me after 17 years of service, and paid me nothing. They said they had “cause” to fire me. Rob started a legal action against my former employer and convinced them to settle. I was very pleased with Rob’s efforts and the end result.”


Pickering, ON, 42-years-old, Dental Industry

“My case was handled with great professionalism and care, and most importantly, no issue was left out. Everything was discussed, updated and well-prepared ahead of time. I would strongly recommend David…just one more little thing I forgot to mention… I got a great result! Great job David.”


Toronto, ON, 29-years-old, Hi-Tech Industry

“Rob, thank you for all your hard work on my case. I’m very happy with the end result and settlement you negotiated for me. It was a stressful situation and I appreciate your time and effort to move my case along quickly. Thanks for doing a great job!”


Kingston, ON, 53-years-old, Long-Term Care Industry

“David, I appreciate everything you have done. You have done a great job and I could not have a better lawyer. I always felt comfortable writing and talking to you. You made me feel confident. Thank you very much.”


Toronto, ON, 44-years-old, Operations Manager, Health Care Industry

“I really appreciate all your support, commitment and wise decisions. Rob, without your help, the matter may not have been settled in a positive outcome. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Toronto, ON, 57-years-old, Executive Director in Long-Term Care Industry

“David assisted me in an extremely personable, consistently professional, and reliable and punctual manner. David is an extremely results-oriented professional. I will be happy to refer David to any individual requiring his professional services.”


Mississauga, ON, 36-years-old, Senior Director, Communications Industry

“Hello Rob. I am very ecstatic over my results. Thank you ever so much for all your assistance in the matter. I am truly grateful for all your effort and time. If I ever encounter anyone with a need for an excellent lawyer, like yourself. I will definitely recommend you. Once again, thank you.”


Whitby, ON, 52-years-old, Advertising Sales Professional

“Dave. You took what was a very stressful time in my life and gave me hope and guidance. I knew you were the right lawyer for me when I first spoke with you. You were the only lawyer that told me to interview at least two other lawyers before deciding on a lawyer. The other two lawyers pressured me to come in and see them. You’re a credit to your profession.”


Windsor, ON, 44-years-old, Area Supervisor, Healthcare Industry

“I was placed on a performance improvement plan by a new manager who obviously wanted me to quit. The situation was unfair and caused me considerable stress and emotional pain. Rob not only helped me exit with a good severance package, but I was able to protect my reputation.”


Milton, ON, 32-years-old, Human Resource Professional, Hotel Supply

“Dave, you honestly rock! I am so happy I chose you as my lawyer. You got me the settlement I was looking for while making the process as easy on me as possible, financially and emotionally. I really do appreciate all you did for me. I will definitely recommend you to others.”


Waterloo, ON, 45-years-old, Manager, Technology Industry

“The first conversation that I had with Rob, I knew he was the lawyer that I wanted to handle my matter. The depth and breadth of his knowledge coupled with the confidence he had in being able to get me a fair settlement gave me a great level of peace. Rob got me exactly what I wanted, which is what we talked about in that first conversation.”


Hamilton, ON, 51-years-old, Sales Manager

“David was the only lawyer that I called that didn’t use hard sell tactics to get me as a client. In fact, he advised me to interview a bunch of lawyers. I came back to him. He got me a great severance package. There was no question he was the best choice.”


Burlington, ON, 54-years-old, Finance

“I was put on a performance improvement plan by my new manager. I felt that this was unfair and only done for personal reasons. Rob was able to remove me from that job —- with a great severance package and a letter of recommendation! I am so glad I hired him.”


Niagara Falls, ON, 56-years-old, Sales

“David, my husband and I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and guidance through this. My husband was so impressed with your negotiation skills and cool head through the mediation.”


Mississauga, ON, 39-years-old, Dental Hygienist

“Thank you all so much David for your professionalism and hard work you did on my case. Your compassion and understanding and time are greatly appreciated especially at a time when many dental hygienists in Ontario are struggling with employment issues. I was very impressed at how you took the time to advise and comfort me during a very stressful time in my life. David you are a wonderful lawyer and I would recommend you to anyone in need.”


Scarborough, ON, 32-years-old, Machine Operator

“After losing my job of many years and being denied the severance I was entitled to because my employer said I quit, I contacted Rob Lilly. He was very professional and knowledgeable. It was easy for me to feel comfortable and trust him with my case. He made the whole process very easy and we had a settlement within just a few months. I would highly recommend him to friends and family and whomever is need of a great lawyer.”


Milton, ON, 46-years-old, Financial Services

“I was terminated on the same day along with a fellow worker. I chose David. My co-worker chose another well-known lawyer. Compared to my friend’s results, David charged less and got me more severance. You can’t argue with results. Awesome job. Thanks David.”


St. Catherines, ON, 61-years-old, Trade Worker

“When I was terminated, I tried to negotiate my own severance package. As soon as I did that, my employer falsely accused me of theft. This was an intimidation tactic. Rob Lilly sent them one letter and it settled! He knows his stuff. I’ve since recommended him to a co-worker. Rob is awesome.”


Mississauga, ON, 34-years-old, Orthodontic Field

“I was terminated as soon as I returned from my pregnancy leave after my first child. My employer said it was a “restructuring” which was b.s. Ertl Lilly was the first to return my call and to take the time to listen to my side of the story. David put together a winning strategy so I did not have to go back to that employer, and got me a great severance package. This was all done without filing a lawsuit. I recommended David highly.”


Brampton, ON, 48-years-old, Supervisor in Airline Support

Rob put money in my pocket and bought some much needed time to arrange my life, and its that simple! He’s a great guy and lawyer.”


Pickering, ON, 51 years-old, Sales Manager

“I only worked for my employer for 2 years, but David negotiated a severance package that got me more than I expected, and his fees were very reasonable. My ex-employer is a large company and has a history of grinding its employees. They tried to play hardball, and that was a big mistake. David is not intimidated by any lawyer. He is confident and cares about his clients. Thanks David!”


Markham, ON, 52 years-old, Financial Analyst

“I suffer from anxiety and depression and was tormented at work by my new manager. She put me on a performance improvement plan, which was unfair. David helped me behind the scenes to fight the PIP and then helped me to leave with a severance package, and a letter of recommendation. Sometimes in life you just need someone in your corner, and this was one of those times. David was professional, caring, and was available when I had my “down” days. I am certain that I would have been fired or driven out of my job without compensation had I not hired David.”

Disclaimer: Please note that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and settlement amounts and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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